Transforming diagnostic services through Xyla Diagnostics

Transforming diagnostic services through Xyla Diagnostics

At Xyla Diagnostics, we can help expand traditional NHS diagnostic services’ capacity without the need for additional physical capacity and help maximise the available workforce.

Our virtual services complement those offered by traditional NHS diagnostic services. We are CQC-registered, make use of fully-approved medical and health technologies, and are overseen by our Clinical Director Karen Matthews-Shard and our Medical Advisory Group.

Our approach

  1. Helping match local demand for diagnostic services to the available supply of staff (including those who can offer services remotely)
  2. Increasing diagnostic throughput, both by reducing unsuitable referrals to specialists and then supporting those specialists to make decisions in the most efficient way possible
  3. Enabling flexible working to extend the careers of skilled staff working in diagnostic services

Our ECG patch monitoring service at home

Step 1: Patients are provided with wearable patch ECGs (posted to them with fitting advice)

Step 2: The patches are worn by patients as directed by their GP or cardiologist and then posted to our team for remote analysis

Step 3: Our report is provided to the patient’s GP or cardiologist to guide future clinical decision-making

Further information

This is an excerpt from Acacium Group’s insights bulletin; we hope you found this helpful. For further information and to access the entire bulletin, please click here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here.

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