Our team

Meet the Xyla Diagnostics team

Sam Tennant

Operations Director

Sam is accountable for the overall strategic direction of Xyla Diagnostics, including the operational and financial performance. He specialises in healthcare diagnostics and until 2017 worked for Acacium Group within its Maxxima brand. Sam specialises in the use of technology to support diagnostics and the wider healthcare industry across the UK. This focus, together with an acute awareness of the staffing shortages prevalent across the UK’s diagnostics sector, led to him spearheading the creation and development of Xyla Diagnostics.

Dominic Cooper-Fowler

Head of Service Delivery

As Head of Service Delivery, Dom oversees the planning, direction and co-ordination of all day to-day-operations, including managing innovation as an integral business process. A positive and innovative operational manager, with considerable experience and proven accomplishment within telemedicine, Dom has an extensive track record of growing, coaching and maturing successful operational teams within the service sector. Dom ensures Xyla Diagnostics provides a smooth, efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of current and potential clients.

Jo Mundy

Head of Clinical Operations

Jo is responsible for Clinical Excellence and the ICS Quality Framework. That includes getting the right staff with the appropriate compliance checks, ensuring the team has a good local induction at every site, and ensuring that the scans we are performing meet the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) Echo Quality Framework (EQF).

She is also the link between our clinical customers and the Operational Teams mobilising our contracts. She supports our teams in marketing, recruitment, and support services, ensuring that we join everything up and put the patient at the heart of everything we do. Lastly, she looks after our teams of clinicians, making sure they have the right support across all our remote locations and have access to second opinions, advice, feedback, and learning opportunities in our journey in creating a national Diagnostic Department.

Raechelle Young

Senior Community and Service Development Manager

Raechelle has been with Xyla Diagnostics for almost three years, being accountable for the planning, direction, and coordination of all day-to-day operations. She brings with her over 12 years’ experience as Registered Manager for Care Quality Commission across a range of health care organisations. Due to our commitment to extend our diagnostic services into primary healthcare, she now has a new role as Senior Community and Service Development Manager.

Francisco Martins

Quality Lead for Echocardiography

As Quality Lead for Echocardiography, Francisco is looking forward to improving the quality standards, raising the bar even higher, and making a difference. He is an accredited BSE member with more than ten years of experience.

Before joining Xyla Diagnostics, Francisco has worked in Cardiac Physiology roles in different trusts and clinics in the U.K. and Portugal.

Vilma Nika

Recruitment and Resourcing Manager

Vilma leads the recruitment and resourcing functions of the business, ensuring we have the staff where we need them, when we need them. She oversees the on-boarding of all new clinical staff into the business, ensuring all necessary compliance standards are met. Prior to working for Xyla Diagnostics, Vilma worked for Pulse Nursing at Home, as a Recruitment Consultant helping the coordination of care packages in the community.